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    FS....everything from our DDemo van.


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    FS....everything from our DDemo van. Empty FS....everything from our DDemo van.

    Post  Canaan on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:51 pm

    So, Cory and I have decided to part out the van. He has bills to pay and I wanna buy a fishing boat.

    So...Everything is up for grabs.

    300a Ohio Gen alt w/ external reg (fits v6 2000 ram van) sure on price yet

    2 DD Z2Hv....$1550 each

    12 DD2515's. used 10 in the van, a few have messed up coils, others are fresh recones. I have 1 extra recone left.
    2 where back-up subs we brought to show 'just because' that cory used to use in his truck (these have CF dustcaps).
    Gonna see what prices we can work out on the good subs, recone, and CF dust-cap subs.

    16 Kinetik HC16v batts. Have buss bars to support 15-batt bank that will be included.

    Call me if interested



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